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October 1, 2017
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The trend we love: Two coats instead of one!

Coat + coat? Coat + bomber jacket? Bundy + leather jacket … Sounds too much?

Believe it is not!
When it gets cold, the search for warm pieces begins to heat us during the winter. First we go to find last year’s coat, which will serve as the basis of layered dressing. However, this winter you do not need one coat to create the perfect combination, but at least two!

You wonder what we’re talking about? Very simple: over the last year’s coat, you should wear a new one! This way you will achieve a perfectly warm and stylish fashion combination!

To learn how to combine these pieces, take a look at how fashion bloggers are doing that they have mastered with stacking techniques.

Keep the color of the same tone
Find a long coat in blue tones to carry it over your summer jacket Tex. This is not just a great way to use your summer clothes, but combining jeans and coats. This combination looks so good because colors naturally melt.

Mix textures
Wear materials of different textures, such as a combined leather jacket with a jacket. Let the inner layer be smooth so that the texture of the upper part comes to a greater extent.

It all starts with a bomber jacket
Bomber jacket is the ideal first piece, because it is perfectly standing and looks sporty, so it will look great when you pair it with a oversize coat whose texture is gorgeous, cozy and warm.

Mix smart and causal pieces
Find your perfectly tailored jacket that’s a little more formal, and then pair it with a denim or leather jacket (which goes below).

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