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April 1, 2017
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October 1, 2017
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It is assumed that the coat must be warm

New trends involve two options that have been sovereignly ruled by the red carpets this year: the so-called bonnet and artificial fur models.

The duck coats are essentially only exceptionally long coats. Designers presented them this season in classical shades like black and gray, but they also appeared in bright tones, such as peach color.

Artificial fur also appeared on every form of clothing, from jacket to coat. You will want to choose those that have a dense setup. Artificial fur is best in traditional colors.

As a star from a shadow, there is a stratified coat, which has recently been designer-enhanced so that the inflatable look is avoided. Belts and belts can help to solve this problem, and it’s also gold-worthy advice when wearing a fur coat.

Fashion never takes care of coats, and even this season, the stylists remind that good care extends the great look of these garments.

If you do not get rid of some stains immediately, you will find it more difficult to remove them when they’re gone. Wet wipes can serve as a first aid, but first check that the fabric responds poorly by removing the color from the wipe from the back of the coat.

Finally, wear a coat in the right weather conditions. Bad snow will not damage the wool or skin, but such materials should not be worn in heavy rain or snow.

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