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January 14, 2017
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How to fit a pastel coat without being too colorful

How many times did you keep the look in the shops on pastel coats, but you gave up buying just because you did not know how and with what to wear it?

This year, in addition to the black color that has dominated almost all collections, the challenge for the style lady’s style is also the coats of various pastel colors. Although at first glance they are repulsive because they appear “hard to fit”, we give you ideas with what kind of wardrobe you can wear them. These seasons are woolen coats, wide cuts, and, for starters, bring them under the wardrobe beneath them in order to have a greater sense of comfort. The next and greatest problem you encounter is: which colors to fit, without looking funny and too colorful?

With a pastel-colored coat you can wear pale pink and lilac sweaters, which you will pair with shoes of similar color, and spice it all with a hat or swab dandelion.

Various sweaters, pale gray or white, will be lying perfectly with the pastel lilac coat. On all of this, black leather trousers will only be a plus, while the accessory can be a combination of a couple of already mentioned colors.

If you’ve gotten so much that your wardrobe is covered with a pastel-yellow coat, follow one rule – the choice of blue, black and white wardrobe will make you look really chic.

A pastel green coat requires wearing pale yellow blouses or shirts that you can pair best with the shades of pale gray.

And in the end, do not forget – creativity and sense of style are the main thing when these coats are in question. Give yourself freedom, experiment.

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