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March 29, 2017
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July 22, 2017
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Hit the coat of the season at Sari Jessica Parker is an example of how not to wear it

We have to stop expecting Sarah Jessica Parker to look like a “fashion icon” at any time.

Whenever the paparazzi record the series “Sex and the City”, the accent is on her styling. Now she noticed her trying to catch a cab in New York, and fashion experts analyzed the clothes they took to detail.

She praised the way she squeezed her socks, the “greasy” boots of emerald green just did not become the new “must have”, and her soft brown coat is an official confirmation of the main winter trend when the coats are in question.

It is a soft-fur coat, which is like a blanket and that fur specific to children’s toys made from this material, which makes the coat a name for “Teddy” (as honey). Trendsetters at Instagram have been extricating this coat from the autumn, and currently experiencing its peak of popularity.

Nevertheless, according to the comments sent by the new photos of Sarah Jessica Parker – it’s not exactly that it goes with everything and that it stands spectacular for everyone. We do not know if it’s up to the coat or Sara, but …

The popular actress chose a rather inconspicuous shade, a model up to her knee that swung her to the throat, and somehow, instead of further emphasizing the rest of the styling, she “smothered” all the other colors and placed her tired expression on the face. She does not look like she chose this coat because she is great, but as if she borrowed it from someone while running to the house quickly. Of course, she did not dress for the catwalk, but for some ordinary going out to town, but the reputation of “fashion icons” brought her extra attention, which we believe she did not want this time.

However, you do not have to give up the “Teddy” coat. On the streets all over the world there are better examples of how to wear this “hit season”.

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