How to fit a pastel coat without being too colorful
March 29, 2017
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Getting to the perfect coat in just two steps

This is the right time to choose a coat that will be your trademark this autumn and winter

Autumn and winter coat lovers are favorite clothing items. Whatever you wear, if you have a good coat on you, the one who suits your material, all eyes will be turned into you.

To choose the right coat, you should meet these two criteria.

First think about your style. If you wear more sneakers and jeans, the ideal coat for your dress is ideal for you.

If your dressing room is more elegant than a sporty one, choose a short cut coat.

Another important criterion is your figure.

Women who are like a sandy clock will look best in a coat that only overlaps, and the waist is tied around the waist. This model will greatly emphasize your best fit, your narrow waist. The coat of length up to your knees will stand better than any other length.

If your body is in the form of a rectangle, use the coat to create an illusion of oblivion and thus get a feminine look. To achieve this goal, you should choose A coat A coat or coat with an asymmetric collar. A coat in the shape of a tent will also fit well, because it has a belt on the waist, and it is wide on the hips.

A pear-shaped figure that implies a strong butt and narrow shoulders can visually be corrected using a high-waist coat, a full collar or a trapezoid A coat. The figure will look longer, the larger part will be camouflaged, and the narrow part will be in the foreground.

Caps with large falcons are the ideal solution for ladies whose body looks like a reverse triangle, for women with narrow hips, and wide shoulders. With this type of material, the most important thing is that there are no details on the upper part of the coat, while you can play with the bottom.

Women with a round figure should emphasize the waist. This can be achieved by using a belt to fold with a belt, whether it’s a narrow coat with a wide curve, an asymmetrical, curly, wider cut, or a flat-bed coat with a geometric shape. For your material, it is an ideal one-color coat to the knees with a V-neckline.

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