Coat + coat? Coat + bomber jacket? Bundy + leather jacket … Sounds too much?

Believe it is not!

When it gets cold, the search for warm pieces begins to heat us during the winter. First we go to find last year’s coat, which will serve as the basis of layered dressing. However, this winter you do not need one coat to create the perfect combination, but at least two!


This year, in addition to the black color that has dominated almost all collections, the challenge for the style lady’s style is also the coats of various pastel colors. Although at first glance they are repulsive because they appear “hard to fit”, we give you ideas with what kind of wardrobe you can wear them. These seasons are woolen coats, wide cuts, and, for starters, bring them under the wardrobe beneath them in order to have a greater sense of comfort. The next and greatest problem you encounter is: which colors to fit, without looking funny and too colorful?

With a pastel-colored coat you can wear pale pink and lilac sweaters, which you will pair with shoes of similar color, and spice it all with a hat or swab dandelion. Various sweaters, pale gray or white, will be lying perfectly with the pastel lilac coat. On all of this, black leather trousers will only be a plus, while the accessory can be a combination of a couple of already mentioned colors.


Autumn and winter coat lovers are favorite clothing items. Whatever you wear, if you have a good coat on you, the one who suits your material, all eyes will be turned into you.

To choose the right coat, you should meet these two criteria. First think about your style. If you wear more sneakers and jeans, the ideal coat for your dress is ideal for you. If your dressing room is more elegant than a sporty one, choose a short cut coat. Another important criterion is your figure. Women who are like a sandy clock will look best in a coat that only overlaps, and the waist is tied around the waist. This model will greatly emphasize your best fit, your narrow waist. The coat of length up to your knees will stand better than any other length.